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Creating the Perfect Home Office

If you've lived and worked in the Washington metropolitan area long enough, you know our commute is among the worst. Fortunately most employers allow telecommuting. As a result, as I show home buyers prospective properties, space for a home office is almost always a must.

Whether you are using your home office for running your own business, working from home on certain days, or just as a place for paying bills and organizing your schedule, you'll want to make sure it's a productive space that you feel comfortable in. Check out these six ways to get the perfect home office.

Pick a Good Location

You will be spending hours in your home office, so make sure that you don't limit yourself to a space that is small, dark and without natural light. Make sure that your home office isn't in a high-traffic room where you will find yourself distracted. Depending on how you work best, you may need a room that is completely silent, or you may want a room that has some background sound.

Make the Space Functional

Your shelves, desks and storage should be easily accessible but not overwhelming. Consider your workflow and what items you absolutely need handy at your desk before investing in specific furniture for your home office. Your home office furniture should complement the rest of your home's décor. Make the space your own by adding personal touches.

Invest in a Comfortable Chair

You will spend countless hours at your desk, so make sure you treat yourself to a comfortable, ergonomically correct and beautiful office chair. Every penny you spend on a chair that keeps you comfortable while working will be worth it. The last thing you want to do is develop back problems because you chose a chair that has poor back support.

Give Yourself Access to Light

You'll want to make sure that your home office has plenty of natural light, which will allow you to cut down on eyestrain and headaches. Position your computer monitor so there is no glare from any windows or overhead lighting. Place a small lamp on your desk to give yourself extra light.

Choose a View

Place your desk in a space with a view of more than just a blank white wall. You'll want something to fix your eyes on while you're taking a break from work. It would be ideal if your desk could face a window, but in case your home office doesn't have a window in an ideal spot for a desk, make sure to decorate with a pleasant painting or other items you would enjoy seeing above the desk. An inspiring quote is another great option.

Manage Your Technology

Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do to glamorize your computer, printer and speakers, but you can hide the cords. Make sure your equipment is close to outlets, so they are easy to access if you need to unplug cords. Encase the cords on your desk in a nice fabric cord cover, and feed the cords into a desk grommet. Then tame the jungle of cords on the floor with tubing or a wire organizer that is attached to your desk and lifts the cords off the floor.

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