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White Picket Fence

A Symbol of the Suburban American Dream

I was born in the 60s. The era of Mad Men. As a young girl growing up, I learned I should want to be like Don's wife, Betty Draper. Betty represented the American dream. She was married to the most handsome man ever. She had two-point-five children, a stationwagon and a home with a white picket fence--the symbol of the ideal middle-class suburban family life with children happy playing in the yard, a large house and peaceful living.

The iconic white picket fence is as much Americana as apple pie and hotdogs on the Fourth of July. The style has been used since America's earliest colonial era and remains popular today.

On my morning walk with my dog Lucy, we pass by years of history through Old Town Alexandria. I began to notice the presence of the white picket fence. So every Sunday I will post just a write up, no explanation...just a photo of a home in Alexandria with it's white picket fence.

Alexandria's White Picket Fence Photo Blog

March 13, 2016 | #OldTownAlexandria | South Lee near Wolfe

March 6, 2016 | #OldTownAlexandria | South Lee Street near Duke

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