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Foodies Take Note! Alexandria's Winter Restaurant Week Starts Today!

YIPPEE!!! Alexandria's Restaurant Week Starts TODAY!!!! Let the party in your mouth begin!

For the next 10 days and two weekends, more than 60 restaurants in Alexandria will participate in the winter Restaurant Week. Participating restaurants will offer a $35 three-course dinner OR a $35 dinner for two.

"There are so many amazing food choices in Alexandria that whatever you're craving, it's here," says Hayden Abernathy, a local tattoo artist who moved to Alexandria about a year ago. "This is a great time for me to try those places I've not gone to but have had on my list to check out, as well as some new favorites."

What about lunch? Not to worry, a couple dozen restaurants offer lunch specials!

You're hungry NOW, you say? Book your reservation now with Open Table.

These restaurants are to see what they plan to serve!

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