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A Pre-Scavenge Task

As a participant in our Old Town Alexandria Scavenger Hunt, you will need to share your adventure on social media.


By sharing your content with our designated tags, you grant us permission to use these publicly shared photos and videos in our future promotional materials and online content.


Your fantastic moments will become part of our scavenger hunt story, and future adventures. We will be excited to share the excitement with others! 

Please visit this page and complete the Photo and Video Consent Form.

Rules and Tools


Welcome to the Inaugural Old Town Alexandria Scavenger Hunt!

Here are the rules and details to ensure everyone has a fantastic time:

Date and Time:

  • The scavenger hunt will take place on December 9, 2023.

  • The hunt begins at 10:00 AM sharp!


How to Start:

  • The first clue to kickstart the adventure will be posted on Instagram at exactly 10:00 AM on December 9, 2023.

Hunt Duration:

  • Your adventure will begin at 10 am. You have until 3:00 PM on December 9, 2023 to complete the scavenger hunt.


The Grand Prize:

  • There will be only one grand prize winner.

  • To claim victory, you must be the first to complete each of the tasks and successfully open the Golden Lockbox.

  • If you reach the Golden Lockbox but haven't completed all the tasks, you won't be declared the winner until you do.

  • The grand prize is a whopping $1000 in CASH!



  • If you're getting these rules, it's because you've already registered. Thank you!


What You Need:

  • A smartphone with a camera for taking photos and videos.

  • The ability to scan QR codes.

  • An Instagram account.

  • Creativity, Sense of Adventure, Speed, Desire to WIN!

  • Make sure to follow these accounts on Instagram:

       @MichelleZelsman, @MadisonStreetTattoo, and @DominionSecuritySystems

Remember, this hunt is not just about winning—it's about having a blast, exploring where we love to live, Old Town Alexandria, and creating unforgettable memories. So, get ready for an exciting adventure, and may the best hunter win!


There is only one grand prize of $1,000 and the first to finish AND demonstrate they have completed ALL the tasks.

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