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Torpedo Factory



Hold onto your artist berets, my friends, because we're about to dive into the colorful world of the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Virginia!


Let’s go back to World War II, which is in full swing. The Allies need weapons, fast. That's where our not-so-explosive hero, the Torpedo Factory, comes into play. It used to be a factory that churned out, you guessed it, torpedoes!


But here's the twist – these torpedoes weren't the boom-boom kind. Nope, they were actually super artsy torpedoes (if that's even a thing) that were used as underwater missiles.


After the war, this place decided to swap out explosives for paintbrushes and became a haven for artists.


Now, it's not just any art haven; it's a colossal creative hub where artists come to work their magic, and visitors like us come to be wowed. You can stroll through galleries, watch artists in action, and even take a piece of this creative wonderland home with you.


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