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DMV Boundary Stones

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YOU FOUND IT! Congratulations!!

Hey Scavengers! Buckle up for a little slice of history as we kick off our hunt!


You’re gonna want to hold onto your tri-corner hats, folks, because we're taking a trip back to the late 18th century. Meet Major Andrew Ellicott, the surveyor extraordinaire. He's the brain behind the iconic boundary stones scattered around the DMV. They planted these hefty stone blocks at strategic points to mark the perimeter of the federal district.


These stones are the OG GPS markers of our local history. They set the borders of our country’s brand-spanking-new capital, Washington, D.C.


But it wasn't just about mapping out the capital. These stones were all about setting boundaries for the future. They needed to make sure that D.C. stayed separate from Maryland and Virginia. No sneaky border disputes allowed!


Each stone had coordinates and descriptions carved on them, kind of like an 18th-century Google Map. They were meant to be rock-solid (pun intended) references for land surveys and legal boundaries.


So, there you have it! The boundary stones were like the original corner markers, ensuring that Washington, D.C., stayed right where it belonged and didn't go wandering off into Maryland or Virginia.


Back then, it was all about keeping D.C. separate from its neighbors, Maryland and Virginia. Major Ellicott and his team made sure of it, leaving us with a piece of history that's literally rock-solid.


Take a photo of you by the boundary stone, just as I'm sitting. Then DM your photo to me @MichelleZelsman. DON'T POST it to Instagram. Just DM Me.

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