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Cobblestone Prince Street


Ahoy, adventurous scavenger hunters! You found the cobbled gem that is Prince Street!


Prince Street isn't just any street; it's the superstar of Alexandria! It's got that perfect blend of history, charm, and those iconic cobblestones that'll make your Instagram explode.


Here’s a little known fact about the cobblestones themselves. They are originally collected from the riverbeds and because of their strength, they don’t develop ruts in the streets. In the 1800s, most cobblestones arrived on ships to Alexandria’s bustling port after having served as ballast on those ships! After unloading the ships of their cargo, the stones were removed to make room for goods to be shipped out, and they found a second life as material for paving the streets.


Way back the day, when wigs were all the rage, and George Washington was the man about town…before he was #1… they decided to cobble this street. Why? Well, because it's like the red carpet of the 18th century.

Why is it the most photographed street in town, you ask? Well, it's like stepping into a time machine. It's got that old-world charm that makes you feel like you're in a history movie.

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