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Ice House Ice Cream on Commerce Street





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Ah, behold the humble abode known as the Mutual Ice House on Commerce Street in Alexandria. We're talking about a place that's so cozy it makes a shoebox look spacious!


Now, this pint-sized historical gem spans a whopping 300 square feet – yes, you heard that right, it's practically the size of a studio apartment for a very, very minimalist tenant. But don't let its size fool you; this little ice house has a story to tell.


Back in the day, this teeny-tiny marvel was the go-to spot for all things cool, literally. It was an ice house, after all! Think of it as the 19th-century version of your modern-day fridge. People would come here to chill their perishables, like milk and butter, before air conditioning was even a glimmer in an inventor's eye.


But wait, it gets even cooler (pun intended). In the '70s, it decided to take on a new gig – home to a plumbing company! They parked their equipment right in the eensy front yard, giving new meaning to the term "curb appeal.


So, there you have it, a 300-square-foot ice house turned plumbing company headquarters. It just goes to show that history comes in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes, the smallest places have the biggest stories to tell!


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